branding / packaging
creative agency A&Mcreative / strategic consulting PlansAhead
photography © Missha & Yong-Joon Choi
location South Korea & worldwide

Missha is one of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands. In less than two decades, Missha has reached unprecedented heights and became known far beyond Korea, counting more than 500 shops in 27 countries.

The emblem seals the essence of contemporary beauty.
The ‘Mi’, central to the emblem, stands for ‘beauty’ in Korean, with the letters combined as one, in an essential ‘less is more’ expression. The opening translates the free, innovative and modern spirit of Missha. The circle, both simple and protective, stands for the commitment to quality and a promise from Missha towards its consumers.

Missha inspires and empowers modern women to make their life more beautiful, while focusing on the essential. The wordmark was crafted to capture the very essence of contemporary Missha woman’s beauty, reflecting her pure sensuality and elegance.
Missha, Dare Simply.